Naomi Campbell Involved In Blood Diamond Scandal

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From a picture taken in 1997 links have been discovered tying Naomi Campbell to African Warlord Charles Taylor. She appears to have received a huge uncut “blood diamond” from him in the middle of the night and is trying to hide any details. The lead prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, where Taylor is on trial is investigating. 

The Supermodel, notorious for her fits of anger is avoiding any questions about the incident and possible illegal gift. Even though Campbell had previously declined to provide testimony to prosecutors, the Special Court for Sierra Leone has the power to subpoena Campbell. 

The whole thing arose from the discovery by ABC News while looking through a photo album belonging to actress Mia Farrow of a photo taken in 1997 of Campbell and Dictator Charles Taylor who is accused of using ‘blood diamonds’ to fuel an insurgency that cost thousands of lives. 

Mia Farrow says, the next morning, Campbell told her she had been visited by representatives of Taylor during the night, and they had given her a “huge” uncut diamond. When questioned about it by ABC News, Naomi Campbell through a wild fit, punched a camera and continued her tantrum.


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 ABC News Uncovers New Evidence in Naomi Campbell ‘Blood Diamond’ Scandal



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