NASA: 2 New Planets Found! Is ET Next Door?

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NASA announced today that they have found 2 new planets orbiting the same star. NASA’s new discovery shows that 2 new planets in the Milky Way are orbiting a the same star.

Painting of Milky Way galaxy used as backgroun...MSN states that NASA’s Kepler Mission Science Principal Investigator, William Borucki, said, this was “the first discovery of multiple planets orbiting the same star.” The 2 newly discovered planets are known as Kepler 9B and 9C because they were discovered through the Kepler Space Telescope.

Network World reports that the 2 new planets are roughly the same size as Saturn. There is a suspected third planet orbiting the same star but that has not been confirmed yet. Kepler 9B is the larger of the 2 planets and is closer to the star they both orbit. The discovery and confirmation of these 2 planets took NASA 7 months.

CNET says that the solar system these 2 new planets are in has been named by NASA scientists as the Kepler-9 system. NASA’s new discovery is amazing yet it is slightly overshadowed by the recent discovery of a solar system which may have seven planets; one of which is close to the same size as Earth, but larger. The seven planet solar system was discovered by a European team.

NASA’s discovery is truly amazing. The general public now has more reason to look into the night sky. It’s unbelievable that there truly are other solar systems like our own. Perhaps next time NASA will discover aliens and not just new planets. If such a thing did occur, would they let us know?


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