NASA’s Global Warming Endorsement Slapped by Astronauts

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Nearly 50 former astronauts, including seven from the Apollo missions, have penned a missive critical of NASA’s affirming of man-made global warming theory.

The news reports didn’t disclose the men’s names, however Apollo 7 pilot Walt Cunningham has never been shy about his belief anthropogenic warming is hogwash.

No one disputes the earth’s temperature has trended upward in recent decades, however, no proof exists linking climate change to human behavior.

“The unbridled advocacy of CO2 being the major cause of climate change is unbecoming of NASA’s history of making an objective assessment of all available scientific data prior to making decision or public statements,” the letter stated.

Unfortunately, a dialogue about climate change is impossible, because the debate has devolved into a religious war. Global warming has become a religion to the eco-alarmists, with faith supplanting facts. It doesn’t help when the media link catastrophic weather events with the warming, despite no evidence.

NASA should remain above the fray on political issues. The agency’s website is replete filled with stories about the effects of global warming on animals and ecosystems.

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