NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski Brings Tebowing to the Races

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A NASCAR driver from Kentucky named Brad Keselowski brought the Tebowing trend to the Quaker State 400 at Kentucky Speedway on Saturday night. Just when the fad seemed to be dwindling, Keselowski took first place in the race and celebrated his win by taking a knee Tim Tebow style.

It was a hard-won victory in a race fraught with difficulty. ??Keselowski won the race after running out of gas, breaking his steering wheel and being relegated to his back-up race car, making his triumph seem like a miracle. Onlookers could have interpreted his prayerful pose to be a gesture of thanks, but they would have been mistaken.

The baby-faced 28-old-old race car driver didn’t have worship on his mind when he mimicked Evangelical football player Tim Tebow after his win. “It was a bet I had with the miller [sic] guys to be the first to Tebow with a beer,” he told Jeff Gluck of SB Nation. Although they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Tebow would probably not be flattered by ??Keselowski’s incincere prayer pose.

Photos of the pose don’t show him holding a beer, but one of his hands is out of view of the camera. However, the Miller Lite logo is proudly displayed on his uniform and on the wall behind him as he celebrated his NASCAR victory. Brad Keselowski should leave the Tebowing to Tim Tebow and find his own way to celebrate the combination of a big win and a beer sponsorship.

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