NASCAR’S Jeff Gordon Fight with Jeff Burton! {Video}

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During a NASCAR event, Jeff Gordon started a fight with Jeff Burton, on Sunday at the Texas Motor Speedway. The fight between Gordon and Burton occurred directly after an accident between the two NASCAR racers.

According Jeff Burton, he did not intentionally hit Jeff Gordon’s car. He got close to Gordon’s car in order to tell him “that he was right” about something. However, he later admitted that the accident was his fault and not Gordon’s fault. Burton agreed that Gordon should have been angry, because he would have been angry if the same instance had occurred to him.

After the two NASCAR racers had gotten out of their crashed racecars, Jeff Gordon stormed down the Texas Motor Speedway track. After reaching Burton, Gordon attacked him. Burton fought back, and the two exchanged some unkind words.

After the fight, Jeff Burton was extremely apologetic and gracious, but Jeff Gordon was still in shock and angry. Gordon admitted that he had lost a lot of respect for Burton after the accident. Is the Jeff Gordon fight beneficial for NASCAR’s business? It probably is! Unfortunately, sports fans love to see competitors fighting. Don’t they?

Do you think NASCAR will have a few more fans because of the Jeff Burton and Jeff Gordon fight?

Photo Source: Jeff Gordon

Here is the Jeff Gordon fight with Jeff Burton!

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