Nashville 5-Year-Old Walks Miles Searching for Mom

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A five-year-old boy from Nashville walked eight miles to find his mom Tuesday.  The school bus dropped Antonio Easley off at home after school by mistake.  He was supposed to stay in the school after care program until his mom picked him up.  But when he got home and saw that his mom wasn’t there, he went on an eight-mile trek to find her.

In the pouring rain, down a busy highway, the little trooper searched for his mommy’s job at Haverty’s Furniture.  On his way, he passed by a convenience store.  As most five-year-olds, he couldn’t resist going in for a frozen drink.  Instead, the clerk gave Antonio an umbrella, and the boy continued on.  He had to cross a five-lane road and was almost hit twice. Eventually, a couple offering help drove by.  Antonio, determined to obey his mom’s rule never to get into cars with strangers, refused their help.  So the man drove alongside while his wife, Andrea Strickler, walked with Antonio.  The kindergartener finally made it to his mom an hour and a half later.

What a feat for this boy who is just beginning school. His mother, Courtney Easley, is thanking God for protecting her little man.  Now Antonia thinks he can do anything.  “I am a superhero,” he said proudly.

This is an example of how important it is to respond when your gut tells you something just doesn’t seem right.  A little boy walking in the rain all alone just shouldn’t be ignored or left to somebody else to handle.   Ask him where his mom is.  Even if you don’t want to frighten him or risk being accused of kidnapping, just call the police.

Source: The Grio

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