Natalie Portman Busts Out on Set of New Flick

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Busty and blond are not two words anyone would associate with Natalie Portman, but she’s been transformed into a curvy vixen for her role in a new Terrence Malick movie.

When people see Natalie in this movie, with her dyed tresses and impressive new bosom, they are going to be stunned. She is that unrecognizable! Frankly, the 31-year-old Black Swan actress would look amazing wearing a paper bag.

Why would Natalie allow her appearance to be altered this much? Perhaps she’s putting up with all of this, because she thinks this movie might earn her another Academy Award. After scooping up the Best Actress Oscar trophy last year for her role as a ballerina in Black Swan, maybe Portman wants another one for the fireplace mantle. They would also make great bookends!

Click here for pictures of Natalie Portman getting her hair and makeup done on the set of her movie.


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