Natalie Portman Goes Nude and Sultry for Christian Dior

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Actress Natalie Portman’s been mostly missing in action since the birth of her baby son. However, now, the stunning beauty is making a bold comeback — nude. The move will undoubtedly gain her the attention she needs to keep her career going despite her brief respite.

Movie producers who see Natalie’s new Christian Dior ad will get reminded that she’s one gorgeous actress. That will stimulate them to take a look at her body of work which is also quite impressive. After all, the actress is an Academy Award winner for her role in Black Swan.

However, as always, Natalie kept the photo sexy and sultry without bearing the wrong kind of skin. Her bared back is all that viewers will see in the ad. Take a peek at it here. Still, it manages to create an effective illusion that men (and women) won’t soon forget.

Portman has bared skin for Dior before. Last year she did it for Miss Dior Cherie, one of the company’s perfumes. That ad performed well and there’s every reason to believe the new one will as well.

Although Natalie Portman is one stunning actress, she doesn’t threaten other women with her beauty. That’s because it’s balanced with a natural charm and unmistakable grace. As for men, they’ll love getting a gander at the beautiful brunette. That face and equally impressive form are simply unforgettable.

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