Natalie Portman on David Letterman Promoting Brothers

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Tonight, Natalie Portman made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman to promote her new film Brothers. Natalie looks absolutely STUNNING in a beautiful blue dress (she must have been fuh-reezing) with her hair all perfect and bee-u-tiful purple pumps and earrings (I’m in love with this woman).

Letterman then went on and on and on AGAIN about how he thought the film Brothers (directed by Jim Sheridan who directed My Left Foot) was soooo good. The more he talked, the less I believed. From the trailers I’ve seen (and TV spots have been running like Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s big mouth) I’m not at all impressed by the film. It’s three great actors and one of them is just depicted going crazy – there’s no real, great dialogue expressed in the trailer(s). Frankly, I believe this will turn out to be a propaganda film about the effects of the war on its soldiers. Intertwined is a love affair. War + Love + Affair = DRAMA, begging for Oscars.

Here’s a clip of the interview; I’ll upload a full one when it arrives on YouTube:

Despite my dislike for the film, I love when Natalie Portman visits Letterman. They always have great conversation and Portman always looks and responds to questions great.

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