Natalie Portman Paternity Rumors Resurface

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Natalie Portman’s baby daddy may have been her director on Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky, if you buy into pesky Hollywood rumors which can’t seem to go away. This theory has been out there for two years, since she starred in the movie about the downfall of a beautiful New York City ballet dancer.

You have to take this story with a grain of salt, because it doesn’t seem like there is any tangible proof out there that her kid’s father is Aronofsky. Sometimes people tell stories to the press just to make a name for themselves, or for an easy payday.

On her son’s birth certificate, the father is identified as Benjamin Millepied, her co-star on the movie and her current husband. However, there were indeed whispers on-set that there was some type of dalliance going on between Portman and Aronofsky. Also, the director split with his beautiful British lover, Rachel Weisz, right about the same time that he was directing the movie. Was the timing of all this a coincidence? Perhaps.

File:NataliePortmanTIFFSept10.jpgUnfortunately for Natalie, however, this wasn’t the first time she was tagged with the home wrecker label. Some sources within the entertainment industry claim Natalie Portman was the reason Sean Penn and Robin Wright went separate ways in 2009. Robin allegedly considered Sean and Natalie’s tacky and very public affair the last straw for her troubled marriage. Either way, whatever happened two years ago is pretty much water under the bridge at this point.

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