National Atheist Party Supports President Obama

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The National Atheist Party endorses President Barack Obama. The group has claimed that the current POTUS is the only candidate with clear priorities on social justice and the concerns of the middle class — and they’re absolutely right. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are pretty much the opposite of those qualities, which is the last thing U.S. voters need.

The press release regarding the support of USNAP details that an estimated 15,000 people voiced support within the group for President Barack Obama. That’s a hefty number of votes for him in November. This may also inspire other free-thinkers to cast their votes for the current president of the United States of America.

The National Atheist Party made its first endorsement of a candidate as a group, seeing as though it only formed in 2011. This party may be new, but it’s quickly growing by leaps and bounds with several thousand members in the U.S. Here’s to hoping the party garners more support now that it’s publicly endorsed the president for a second term.

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