National Battery Day – Will you Take the Rayovac Challenge on Facebook?

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February 18 is National Battery Day. Interestingly, this day is used to celebrate the invention of batteries. Rayovac, a battery company,  is even offering a challenge on Facebook for National Battery Day. So, will you take part in it?

File:BatteryCharger1.jpgThe challenge actually started on Valentines day. However, today is the day participants will enter the information they’ve collected at the Rayovac website for the past five days on its Facebook page.

From there, three lucky winners will be chosen to receive a one-year supply of Rayovac batteries. Now, if you’re a person who uses up a lot of batteries, this is a great challenge.

Aside from the challenge on Facebook, there are people who have suggested not using any electronic devices on National Battery Day. Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen since people are so reliant on these useful products.

An interesting factoid about Rayovac: the company was actually called the French Battery Co. when it was founded around 1906. Readers, are you planning to celebrate National Battery Day?

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