National “Go Topless Day”: Sunday, August 21st, 2011

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National “Go Topless Day” for women is coming! Sunday, August 21st is a chance for women everywhere to “bare” their souls if they choose, and strut their stuff topless. Is this a good idea or just an attention getter?

This event is being held in cities across America for women who believe that they have the right to be outside topless on a hot day, just as men can do.

According to the official website – Go -“During the protests, women will have the choice of going fully topless or wear red tape or something else to hide their (infamous!) nipples. They are also completely welcome to come and support this cause while being fully dressed if they prefer.”

Surprisingly many people may not know, but it is legal in many cities across the USA for women to go topless if they choose to. Austin, Texas, New York City, Asheville, North Carolina and Washington, DC already have passed laws for women to be legally topless.

Cities that will participating in this event include Chicago, Honolulu, and Los Angeles (Venice Beach).

Do you think it would ever be socially acceptable for women to casually walk around topless in public? One thing is for sure, this event will draw quite a bit of attention, for better or for worse! So ladies, would you go topless if it was legally okay to do so in your city?

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Is it indecent exposure for women to go topless in public, or should they have just as much right as men do to bare their chests?

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