National Tell a Joke Day: Did You Ever Hear the One About The…

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National Tell a Joke Day seems like it is a joke unto itself; but nope, it is real and it is today: August 16th. And yes, it is a laughing matter or at least it should be. So, ready yourself for some silliness because of all the days in the year, this should be the one where you laugh out loud and “act the fool.” Of course, your jokes and pranks should not cause anyone harm or cause you to be arrested.

Although no official records are available online about the history of National Tell a Joke Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it with fun. It is still listed in several calendars. Seriously, feel free to share that joke that you have been waiting to share. Go ahead and let loose a little.

Now then, did you hear the one about the how you kill a circus? Well, you have to go for the juggler… Get it: the juggler as in a play on words for the jugular. Ha! Ok, that was kinda lame but still a joke is a joke, right? National Tell a Joke Day is the day to give love to even the lamest joke.

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