National Working Naked Day is Celebrated Feb. 1

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National Working Naked Day? Really? Yes America, it’s true! Believe it or not, a day has been dedicated to working in the buff, but don’t hold anyone but yourself responsible if you show up to work naked and you are sent home or terminated!

Having a day to celebrate your body is okay, but really, many people may not want to see it as much as you do, and it has to make you wonder why someone would chose February 1st to celebrate the body in it’s all natural state.

It’s a little cold outside! Maybe they could move this National Working Naked Day “holiday” to June or July?

Okay, the joke is over! National Working Naked Day was created to celebrate working naked, as in free… not nude!  Self employed workers celebrate their freedom to work from home on their own terms, and be their own boss. Some people have chosen to take the meaning of this day and celebrate it in a whole different fashion, literally!

So really, would you ever go to work in the buff? Let’s hope not, but here are 10 reasons you may consider it!


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