Natural Fibre

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                                                     Natural Fibre


A hot afternoon,

Curtains of ottoman drawn.

One slim shaft of light.


Freshly laundered sheets,

Egyptian cotton and starch.

Stiffness, yielding yarn.


            Stretched across the bed,

            A sheer horizontal plane,

            Cool crispness invites.


            Whispering like silk,

The rotating ceiling fan

Suggests vortices.


Hand embroidery

Feels proud to the finger-tips

In dark or daylight.


Warp and weft are one

As, tightly interwoven,

Male and female meld.


Blue, fragile petals.

Rhythmical shuttle weaving

Linen, prone to crease.


In moon-shadow,

Stirring blossom-scented air,

The throbbing fan turns.


Seamlessly, dreamless

Sleep slips from unconsciousness

Like a falling robe.


Breathing in the dark,

A scent, the rustle of silk.

Warmth in cool night air.


The curtains open.

Stars glint like scattered sequins

On black taffeta.



Ottoman: a thickly woven silk

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