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OK, so first off let me say that I have been a hold-out when it comes to fish oil. Fish Oil, really, I’d rather eat real fish to get my omega-3s!

My favorite health guru, Dr. Weil has espoused the benefits of fish oil for decades, but I just was not convinced. I remembered trying the very pricey fish oil years ago and it was awful. However, the fish oil of today, if it is a good quality like Nature Made has no fishy odor that I could detect.

To be honest, I was on the fence and I did not think I would add fish oil to my daily intake of vitamins and mineral supplements. I figured I would give the bottle to Richard to finish as his doctor had recommended he take fish oil for his own health.

A big THANK YOU to gather for choosing me as one of the reviewers for Nature Made Fish Oil.

My review:

I received a bottle of 180 liquid soft gels – 1200 mg Fish Oil.

No artificial colors – no artificial flavors – I like that!

No preservatives – No yeast, starch or Gluten! – I like that too!

The cap – has a flip top which I really liked, a minor detail, but so much better to deal with a smaller opening then spilling the entire contents of the bottle just to retrieve one gel. 

The liquid soft gels looked like a horse pill, but they went down easy – not sticky either, kudos to whoever invented that.

Taste – well, I just swallowed mine with my morning coffee and didn’t taste a thing but my coffee.

Smell - none that I could detect, but then I’m not in the habit of sticking my nose into the bottle and inhaling for kicks.

Discount: Yup, we are on a budget, who isn’t. I know our local Walgreens runs ads – buy one get one free – on a regular basis.

Suggested Use: Take one or two twice a day. 

For us frugal folks there are Wellness Rewards – offered by Nature Made – a free program you can sign up for on line at  I recommend it, especially if you buy other Vitamins and Supplements made by Nature Made.

Check out Debra C’s well written informative review about the benefits of Nature Made’s Wellness Rewards Program - click here. 

Now to the heart of the matter and the real reason why I have permanently added FISH OIL to my daily vitamin and supplement intake:

The benefits are real, but they are not the kind you notice overnight. So while I knew that Omega-3 is good for strengthening your immune system, here is what I found at and the reason I now take fish oil every day – point 2 and 3 apply to me specifically, but I would never have found about these benefits had I not researched this product:

  1. omega 3 fatty acids protect against heart diseases by helping to reduce the fatty deposits in arteries.
  2. improves the eyesight, decrease dryness in the eyes, helps to stop age-related eyesight decline.
  3. effective in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, systemic lupus and other inflammatory conditions.
  4. recent scientific studies recognized the role of fish oil in weight regulation, it reduces craving caused by the fatty foods.


Continuing on a personal note, I have no heart issues, but years ago while having a conversation on a train with the son of a heart specialist, he clearly stated his father impressed upon him to take a good quality CoQ10 and fish oil every day. CoQ10 wasn’t even on any one’s radar back then.

Tip: A good friend who recently had a heart attack was prescribed Fish Oil by his doctor. So for those of you with heart issues I suggest asking your doctor for a prescription, which may be a cheaper alternative for you. 


So there you have it,

stay healthy and well 

in the New Year!



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