Naya Rivera of ‘Glee’ Got Topless in a Pole Dancing Competition (Video)

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Naya Rivera tried pole dancing and went topless before her Glee days. Wanky!

At least she’s not the only Glee star with an embarrassing past—Heather Morris, who plays her girlfriend on the show, has previously had to deal with a nude photo scandal.

It’s safe to say that these two actresses who play cheerleaders Brittany and Santana on the show are fulfilling many fantasies by making out on Glee and stripping down in real life, and their male, lesbian, and bisexual fans will be glad to know that Naya doesn’t just play a bad girl on TV—she’s got a bit of a wild streak in real life.

Before landing her role on Ryan Murphy’s show, apparently Naya Rivera did something that she might not be so proud of now in an attempt to make a little money—The Daily Mail has posted a video of the actress participating in the Amateur Pole Dance-off on the Wild World of Spike.

In the video she’s introduced as a straight-A student who has never pole danced before, but she does say that she has experience in cheerleading. For her routine she wears a skimpy schoolgirl outfit that would make Britney Spears blush and does a quick inverted move on the pole. She might not be the most skilled pole dancer, but she tries to win extra points with the judges by pulling down her top and flashing them.

Luckily for Naya Rivera, her breasts are censored in the video that has been unearthed.

Maybe Naya shouldn’t be too embarrassed about her pole dancing routine—after all, Britney Spears pole danced in her “Gimme More” music video. In fact, it might be fun for Naya to poke fun at her past in an upcoming episode of Glee—the show is doing another Britney tribute, so perhaps she could recreate Brit’s “Gimme More” routine (she just kind of gyrates around a pole, so it shouldn’t be that hard).

You can check out Naya’s attempt at pole dancing below for some sleazeball judges below.

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