NBA 2K13 Player Ratings: Are LA Lakers Better Than Miami Heat?

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The new NBA 2K13 player ratings are being analyzed ahead of the release date of the new pro basketball title. With high expectations for two franchises in particular this coming season, the LA Lakers and Miami Heat were recently put up next to one another to see which rates better as a team.

NBA 2K13When comparing the Heat and Lakers head-to-head for player ratings, Los Angeles comes out on top by about 3 points. They basically are even or better than the Heat at every position except one: King James’s small forward spot. Otherwise, the Lakers own the better point guard, center, and power forward. The Heat and Lakers are even at the shooting guard position, raising some interesting debates about “Is Dwyane Wade as good a player as Kobe Bryant?”

An article from Bleacher Report notes that in the game, Antawn Jamison is listed as starting small forward, instead of Metta World Peace. While rosters are likely to change, it seems maybe 2K13 decided to put who they felt was the better overall player at the position. Even so, he’s outranked by 21 points at the position, due to Lebron’s superstar status in the league.

Many fans of these teams, and even fans who don’t root for those teams, would consider the LA Lakers vs. Miami Heat a dream matchup for the 2013 NBA Finals. It’s possible as of this point, but even if it doesn’t happen, gamers can play the matchup over and over in NBA 2K13, to see what sort of scenarios might happen.

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