NBA: Delonte West sleeping with LeBron James’ mother?

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In the wake of the Cavaliers surprising ousting at the hands of the Boston Celtics, a rumor with serious legs has made the rounds on the Internet.  The rumor states that Delonte West has been sleeping with Gloria James, LeBron James’ mother, and LeBron found this out before Game Four of the second round series.  Now, I’m not inclined to read everything I read but it is spreading like wildfire, and Terez Owens, where the rumor originated, is known for being very credible.  Then you take a look at how West’s minutes dropped off a cliff after Game 4 and you can’t help but wonder..

I don’t know what impact this had or has on anything Cavalier related but I can’t say I’m surprised if this is true. West doesn’t look like it’s all there upstairs, so him doing this comes as a surprise to no one.  I wonder, if it is true, how comfortable James would be playing with West next season.  One would venture to guess that it would be quite awkward.  It’s a funny, awkward, random story though.

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