NBA Fans Mock Kris Humphries with Giant Cut Out Kardashians

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The NBA opposing crowds have been giving Kris Humphries all kinds of grief this season over the Kardashians! Well the fans in Toronto took it to a whole new level two nights ago, and it wasn’t just all about Kim Kardashian and their failed joke of a marriage. This time the fans made it a family affair.

The Raptors fans were ready for Humphries, and the New Jersey Nets with full cut out life-like pictures of all the Kardashians!

“It’s just to rattle him a little,” said one of the sign bearers, who wished to remain anonymous for “obvious reasons.”

Humphries has been mocked, booed, and made fun of by crowds around the league all season so far, and according to CBS Sports last month, he was even voted the most disliked player in the league. That may be taking things just a bit too far, don’t you think?

Either way, at least this is bringing more attention to the New Jersey Nets, who really need it. The Nets have been one of the worst teams in the NBA for years.

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