NBA Lakers Rumors 2012: LA Injuries to Dwight Howard and Steve Blake Early Tests?

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The latest NBA Lakers rumors of 2012 involve a brand new injury which has hit one of the guards in Los Angeles. In other news, a new acquisition for the team is saying he’s ready to step up and help shoulder the load in Dwight Howard’s absence due to injury rehabilitation situation.

First the bad news and it comes regarding a Lakers point guard named Steve. The good news is it’s not Nash. According to’s Dave McMenamin on his Twitter account:

“The Lakers just announced that Steve Blake is out 3 weeks after stepping on a spike strip in a parking lot with his left foot.”

It seems sometimes it’s the oddest random injuries to hit players, but then again they can’t avoid everyday accidents. A while back Vince Carter had an injury involving a glass plate while doing some weight lifting, which had everyone wondering why he needed to use a glass plate for that. As for Blake, his injury seems like a case of bad luck, or not watching where he was walking. So how will it affect things in LA? McMenamin also tweeted:

“The Lakers have two other PGs behind Nash in Duhon and Morris, however. This injury to Blake certainly makes the backup PG race interesting”

Meanwhile, the possible good news comes regarding Dwight Howard. While he will still be rehabilitating his back injury, another player is ready to step up. With Lakers training camp about to get underway, Antawn Jamison has given recent comments to LA Times regarding his role. The great news for LA is that Jamison is willing to be selfless in an attempt to win a championship with this team. He recently commented:

“Fortunately for me, I’ve been in just about every scenario you can imagine. Whether it’s starting for a couple games, keeping my role in coming off the bench … I will come in and help out this team as much as possible. Whatever is asked of me to do, I’ll do it.”

Jamison has reportedly been doing all sorts of things to address any weakness in his game during the offseason. That includes yoga for conditioning and flexibility, and working with a physical therapist on his glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings in an effort to cut down on defensive issues. He admits “I’m an old man now,” but Jamison knows he will be the leader of the Lakers bench. With Howard expected to possibly miss at least the opening game for the Lakers, Jamison is among the veteran stars who can step up and help out.

With Steve Blake hurt, LA will need to figure out their backup point guard situation. However, that doesn’t sound quite so drastic, as Blake will miss just 3 weeks, and they have some other good options there. If nothing else, it will give them a chance to see how much Steve Nash can handle in his early role with the team.

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