NBA Rumors: Ray Allen to Miami Heat?

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Acquiring Ray Allen appears to be a main goal of the Miami Heat this NBA offseason. Among all the NBA trade rumors out there, maybe one of the most interesting stories is that Miami is going to try to sign Allen away from the Boston Celtics.

Miami is targeting Allen as soon as the free agency period begins at 12:01 a.m. ET on Sunday (July 1). That shows how serious the team is about acquiring Allen and that they are going to do everything possible to sign him.

On one hand, it is surprising that Miami would want to bring in a player from their rival, but Allen definitely has enough talent left in those legs to offer a significant contribution to the Heat. He would have to take a huge pay cut though, as Miami can only offer him the mini-mid-level exception and pay him $3 million next year.

The other question at hand is whether Boston is going to let Allen hit free agency like this. The team can offer Allen the best deal, but they have to know that it comes with a risk of not trying to get more youth on that roster. Allen has done a lot for the franchise, but maybe it is time for them to go in a different direction.

Do you think that Ray Allen would be a good fit for the Miami Heat? Should the Boston Celtics sign Allen to a deal just to make sure Miami can’t get him?

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