NBA teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton pull guns on each other

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Washington Wizards Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton engaged in a brief armed stand-off on Christmas Eve after arguing about a gambling debt, the New York Post reported.

 The newspaper, citing an anonymous source, said the two players were in the locker room when Crittenton confronted Arenas about an unpaid bet, which prompted Arenas to pull his gun on Crittenton, who then grabbed for his own gun.

Billy Hunter, executive director of the NBA Player’s Association, said “This is unprecedented in the history of sports.I’ve never heard of players pulling guns on each other in a locker room.”

The NBA, the Washington, D.C. police and the U.S. Attorney’s Office are still investigating.  are still investigating. 

A couple of things to note here. Why was this first reported today, and not on Christmas Day? If should have been noted in the D.C. police blotter. Don’t reporters check the daily blotter anymore? And why didn’t the D.C. papers break the story?

So if a player draws a gun and the other player just happens to have a gun, does this mean that by and large most players keep guns in their lockers? Shouldn’t the NBA have control over this type of thing.

Gilbert Arenas is kind of a freak, by the way. A profile of him a few years ago noted that on the road he loves to watch late-night infommercials while performing jumping jacks and sit-ups. He’s also obsessed with the Halo video game, which may have desensitized him a bit. 

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