NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Should LA Lakers Trade Pau Gasol for Josh Smith of Hawks?

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The NBA trade rumors of 2012 may have died down in terms of overall noise now that Dwight Howard is part of the Los Angeles Lakers. However, there’s still some talk going on about what other moves the team might want to make for their roster. That includes a possible move of forward Pau Gasol in exchange of Josh Smith from the Atlanta Hawks.

According to Bleacher Report’s article, the Gasol for Smith trade was put to rest because it seemed, back in June, LA wanted too much from the Hawks in the deal. However, they may want to revisit the potential move due to possible concerns over their roster’s age and their overall depth in the frontcourt. BR notes:

“Adding a dominant low-post defender like Smith would alleviate the heavy concerns about defense in the paint. Gasol brings a lot to the team in terms of rebounding and scoring, but he isn’t the force down low that Smith can be.”

Josh Smith is just 26 years old and an all-around versatile player who does it all from end to end. While these points are made, so are the notions that D-Howard may either help boost Gasol’s contributions offensively or make up for his deficiencies. It’s argued though that bringing in Smith could pay off in a major way for the team for the next 10 years.

The Lakers have been pegged as favorites already to win the NBA championship due to their big additions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Those two join Kobe and Gasol in LA for a rather tough foursome in the starting lineup. However, it’s being said that Howard is really going to be the Lakers’ franchise player for years down the road, and with Nash and Kobe up there in years, it may be wise to add someone else who can remain there with Howard. Smith makes sense, and the fact the two are friends and get along well could make even more sense. For now, the Lakers may want to see what the team they’ve put together is capable of, before adding too much more.

Do you think the Lakers should stick with what they’ve got, or try to add some more pieces to their lineup for the 2012-13 campaign?

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