NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Trade Requested?

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A Carmelo Anthony trade may have been requested according to new NBA trade rumors. The New York Knicks traded for Anthony before the NBA trade deadline last season, but now there is reason to believe that he may already want to get traded away from the struggling Knicks.

According to the New York Post, Anthony told a confidant on Monday night (March 12) after the Knicks lost to the Chicago Bulls that he preferred to be traded before Thursday’s deadline. At first this news is pretty shocking, but when you stop to think about it being possible, the revelation actually seems like it would ring pretty true.

Anyone watching the Knicks play lately knows that Anthony isn’t acting very happy, with some writing it off as him being spoiled and others blaming Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni for the team and its stars falling apart. The New York Post story doesn’t end with Anthony wanting out though; it goes on to say that he would only want to stay with the Knicks if D’Antoni wasn’t coming back next season.

This is not what the Knicks needed as the team tries to stop from free-falling right out of the Eastern Conference playoff race. At a time when the team needs to be coming together, one of its superstars apparently wants out-of-town. Now fans are going to have to debate whether an Anthony trade is what is best for the franchise or if he simply needs to “man up” and start winning the city some basketball games.

Do you think that these Carmelo Anthony trade rumors will amount to anything for the New York Knicks? Does this suggest that NBA trade rumors are going to start popping up about Anthony heading to specific teams? Should the Knicks trade Anthony?

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