NBA Trade Rumors: LA Clippers Trade to be Small One?

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A LA Clippers trade might take place soon, but it could be a small one according to current NBA trade rumors. Rather than give up any significant pieces of the roster, the Clippers may put off a simple trade with the Utah Jazz in order to add depth to the roster for the stretch run.

Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News is reporting that, “Discussions for the Jazz to send Raja Bell to the Clippers for the $3.8 million trade exemption Clips got in Eric Gordon deal.” A deal like this could help the team because they wouldn’t have to give up any players at all, but rather just agree to pay the remainder of Bell’s salary in order to satisfy the Jazz.

This doesn’t seem like a bad deal for the LA Clippers to make, especially if the team is unable to secure something through the other NBA trade rumors that are out there. It has been previously reported on Gather that the Clippers are very interested in trading for Jamal Crawford of the Portland Trail Blazers, but that those negotiations hit a snag. That would seem like a better option than Bell, especially because Crawford can play heavy minutes and provide a significant spark every time he is on the court.

It’s clear that the Clippers may need to make a trade to strengthen the young roster, but the team also doesn’t want to give away assets that could help out the franchise in the long-term. It’s a tricky road, because the front office has to decide if the current roster is good enough to actually beat teams like the LA Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2012 Western Conference Playoffs.

Do you think that the LA Clippers should take on the salary of Raja Bell? Are there other NBA trade rumors that better fit the needs of Los Angeles?

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