NBA Trade Rumors: Metta World Peace Leaving Lakers for Grizzlies?

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The latest round of NBA trade rumors 2012 edition are in, with Metta World Peace potentially looking to leave Los Angeles. A recent TMZ report shows the star formerly known as Ron Artest rocking the mic in a Vancouver Grizzlies jersey, rather than his own Lakers jersey.

The recent report at shows Artest in a dark Vancouver jersey with #10 on front. The site reports he wore the jersey while rapping in Canada this past weekend at a bar located in, you guessed it, Vancouver. Most NBA fans also realize the Grizzlies left Vancouver back in 2001, for Memphis. So it’s possible this was more for local kicks, rather than to send his team a message.

However, some may take this as a sign that Metta World Peace wants to leave Los Angeles for Memphis. The Lakers failed to reach the NBA Finals for their second straight season, and that could lead to some restructuring of the team for their 2012-13 campaign. Will Artest be a part of the changes made to try to return the team to championship status?

Or is it possible he was just trying to appease the local crowd at a rap concert? One of the photos shows him holding what appears to be a glass of wine in his other hand, while he raps on the mic. So quite possibly, Artest had a bit too much to drink and got carried away. Nonetheless, you’d have to wonder how Kobe Bryant and LA Lakers management will react, if and when they see this image!

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