NBA Trade Rumors – Monta Ellis the Answer For Chicago Bulls?

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Chicago has enjoyed terrific success the past two NBA seasons as the team led the league in wins last year and are on pace for a top two seed in the Eastern Conference this year. But the lack of scoring outside of point guard Derrick Rose could have the team looking to upgrade their back-court.

Last year, the team was dropped early in the playoffs and a lack of scoring from the outside was the main reason. Several trade rumors have circulated around the team since that time and the latest has the Bulls looking to acquire Monta Ellis from Golden State.

The deal would have the Warriors getting forward Luol Deng in exchange for Ellis, but would this deal solve the problems the team has in the back-court? Chicago looks to Deng for defensive leadership and the team is just 4-3 when he missed time this year, and trading a player that is good on both ends of the court could be more harmful than good.

Ellis is one of the best scoring guards in the NBA and combining him with Rose would give Chicago the best back-court in basketball, but would the chemistry work between the two and would Ellis adopt the team’s defensive habits. Both of these questions makes it clear that a trade is not in the best interest of the team.

The trade deadline is still two weeks away and while the Bulls might make a move to add a shooter, it will likely happen with a lower level player in mind as the front office will look to keep the heart of this team together, and give them another chance to make a run in the playoffs.

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