NBA Trade Rumors – Potential Moves by the NY Knicks

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The NY Knicks have had a very inconsistent NBA season and though the team is still in the race for a spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs, making a deal now makes sense for the franchise. Here is a closer look at the latest trade rumors for the team and which deals could actually help the franchise.

The biggest deal that could happen is acquiring All-Star center Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic. Stephen A. Smith and Peter Vecsey have both reported that the team has made an offer that includes Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler, a move that would give Orlando the players it needs to stay competitive, and the NY Knicks would get the best big man in the game. With the current contracts, no deal can happen until after March 1 and that could be the main reason the Magic have not made a move yet.

Vescey has also reported that every NY Knicks player, aside from Jeremy Lin, can be moved before the trade deadline and that has led to talk of Carmelo Anthony and Chandler being sent south in a deal for Howard. This move would give the NY Knicks a powerful front-court and give Orlando a proven NBA All-Star in Anthony and depth to off-set the loss of Howard with Chandler taking over the middle of the paint for the Magic.

Both these deals are considered blockbuster moves and though the Magic need to make something happen or risk getting nothing in return at the end of the year, it seems that they are taking their time and looking for the best deal for them, regardless of where Howard wants to play. This would insure that the franchise stays competitive and it would be shocking if they didn’t make deal and risked the franchise by letting Howard walk for nothing in return at the end of the basketball season.

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