NBC Cameraman Captures UFO Over Fresno (Video)

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Fresno, California is on high UFO alert after a cameraman from the local NBC affiliate captured a video of an unidentified flying object hovering over the city.

Just eight hours later, on Friday, May 11, 2012, a similar object was filmed nearby which displayed many of the same characteristics.

The unusual double sighting has got Fresno buzzing because of the experience of the cameraman, Kevin Williams, who can be heard on the tape explaining why the object is so unusual. Other witnesses can be heard agreeing with him in the background.

The object is the familiar silver orb type which is spinning high in the air and flashing a bright light which is visible even at the extremely high altitude the UFO must be flying at.

There are several logical explanations for this sighting, but Williams discounts them all. It’s best to listen to this observer himself as he describes the object in this extended, raw feed version of the event.

No matter what the object actually is, it’s obvious the witnesses are highly spooked and the story has all of Fresno on edge since it happened.

Here’s the video:

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