NBC Community Season Finale- Episode 21, “Pascale’s Triangle Revisited” –Review (video)

Did anyone else find Community’s Season Finale “Pascale’s Triangle Revisited” a little clichéd. It’s a harsh statement, I know. But going down that memory lane seemed like a reminder that they have whacky characters galore. Instead of show casing the extra characters they just seemed to be in our face as if we had forgotten. They lost that subtle charm for me that having them in the background brought.

That being said we did get some amazing moments from our main cast. The Bromance between Abed and Troy was tested. Troy get in one of best lines of the season, “”Oh, and for the record, there was an episode of Happy Days where a guy literally jumped over a shark. And it was the best one.” I didn’t quite get the Abed sub-plot of him trying to turn the finale into the finale but I think I’ll pick up more of the gags on a second viewing.

The big shocker of this episode though was the introduction of Annie as a potential love interest for Jeff. If you haven’t watched the finale yet I won’t ruin the moment. But it’s surprising and while it had been teased in the debate episode I wasn’t expecting it to happen. It really does seem to come out of nowhere. I am beginning to feel that Britta is the Meg of Community. When will we she get a break, she always seems to be the focal point for humiliation on the show and it’s getting hard for me to watch. Britta may head for a break down when she finds out that Annie took two of her guys.

Ken Jeong continues to impress me with his role as Senor Chang. He’s had bit parts in many of the best comedy movies of the past few years but he’s really hit his stride on Community. My second favorite line of the night came from Chang. As he is speaking to John Oliver’s character, “I will find a loophole…then I’ll kill you.” Don’t know if the Lost reference was intentional but MIB said a similar thing in the Season 5 finale.

Although I’m still having a hard time coming to terms with the revelations of “Pascale’s Triangle Revisited”, Community is still my favorite show on TV. The Season Finale offers plenty of laughs, so many gags that it deems a repeat viewing. What did you think of the season finale of Community?

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