NBC Says to Sharon Osbourne: Not Guilty of Discrimination in Not Casting Son Jack

Sharon Osbourne says her parting ways with NBC and her panelist position on America’s Got Talent was an issue of family matters. When son, Jack, was ultimately not cast as part of the military reality show, Stars Earn Stripes, she called prejudicial treatment on the show execs, and pounced like a lioness going for a water buffalo for her baby, in full protective mode. You have to respect the depths of her motherly devotion, particularly since her son’s revelation of his battle with multiple sclerosis, but who is in the right here, and can there be a compromise?

The words of an official statement from NBC Entertainment chairman, Robert Greenblatt, seem to convey family feelings for Sharon and her brood. Even calling Osbourne part of the “NBC family,” the top man’s words are that the network “cares deeply” about Jack Osbourne and all the participants on its shows, and that it “does not discriminate” on any basis. It was obvious that Sharon Osbourne felt their concern expressed during a July press tour was feigned, and that really ruffled her feathers, and sparked her decision to bid farewell to her talent judge role. Greenblatt’s statement further elaborates that Jack Osbourne was offered two alternate, less strenuous, roles in the production, but declined them. Here’s an idea! Why not let Nick Cannon close a deal for Jack on America’s Got Talent? He is quite the dealmaker, after all, and that way, his mum can work and still keep an eye out!

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