NBC Thinks Matt Lauer Needs ‘TODAY Show’ Bromance

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NBC is making all sorts of excuses for Matt Lauer and The TODAY Show’s decline in both popularity and viewer ratings, and now they think they’ve found a solution. They want to find a man to join the show to be part of a “bromance” with Lauer.

According to a report from Radar Online, executives hope to find a new male co-host who can help bring back the chemistry Lauer once enjoyed on the air with his good friend and former TODAY Show anchor Bryant Gumbel.

“If you look atMatt Lauer Josh Elliott and Sam Champion on Good Morning America, they are really great friends and that shines through on air – not since Matt and Bryant have we seen chemistry like this on morning TV,” a source explains.

Some wonder why the execs don’t just play up a bromance between Lauer and Al Roker, but apparently Al would have to fake it on the air. He has remained a good friend of Ann Curry’s, and most people behind the scenes say Lauer was instrumental in her firing.

Two new executives join the TODAY Show roster next week and are expected to start putting the wheels of change into motion. Alexandra Wallace and Don Nash are making the present uncomfortable situation with Matt a top priority. It’s also expected that they’ll coax the anchors and news team to talk more about themselves on the air.

“On GMA, people know that Sam’s getting married, Josh talks all the time about his daughter, they’re going through Robin Roberts’ illness with her and Lara just doesn’t stop talking!” a source says. “And when push comes to shove, viewers know nothing about Matt. Savannah Guthrie is super smart, but again, viewers know nothing about her.”

So how do you think this will all pan out? Will The TODAY Show gang start talking recipes and what they did over the weekend like Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan do? Will they bring in a good-looking metrosexual to be Matt Lauer’s bromance fling? Will they still continue to flounder in the ratings, losing out over and over again to Good Morning America?

If people don’t like Matt–whether it’s based on Ann Curry’s firing or not–they’re not going to watch The TODAY Show. It’s that simple. Why are they trying to make it akin to rocket science?

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