NBC Twittersode Before Community Premiere

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NBC is looking to embrace the day’s modern technology and tackle Twitter for the season premiere of one of its series this week. The announcement was made just this afternoon in advance of the season premiere for “Community” on Thursday night.  Yes, that is what is called short notice! Episode 2.01 of “Community” is titled ‘Anthropology 101.’

According to The Los Angeles Times, the series will start its premiere an hour before its scheduled to air on NBC via Twitter with a scene played out by the characters using the service in 80 tweets. The scene will play out in 140 character counts or less for the hour before it hits NBC. In the scene, the characters of the series will be planning their next year of college. Something many college students have experienced themselves in recent weeks with back to school time in full force!

The Twittersode as NBC is calling it is truly the first of its kind. Fans can start following the action on Thursday night at 7pm EST. Using technology in this manner is something new. It can either go off great, or be one big flop. Will you be tuning in for the “Community” Twittersode tomorrow before the second season premieres on NBC? Go here for the latest in entertainment news and gossip.

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