NBC Uncovers Dirty Undies Sold As New

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When you buy new undies at the store, do you take them home and immediately wash them before putting them in your clothes drawer? If you don’t, then trust me….. you will now!

NBC recently carried out a hidden-camera investigation at an upscale mall in New Jersey where they bought panties from a number of major retail stores, cut off all the tags, went as far as staining them with baby oil to achieve the look of “used” and surprise, surprise… the panties were accepted back for full refunds and immediately returned to the rack, waiting to be picked up by us… the unknowing shopper!

Gross!! Can you imagine, sifting through the pantie bar at Victoria’s Secret and finding a pair that have obviously been worn and soiled! You might be thinking: That would never happen at Victoria’s Secret… maybe Old Navy or Marshalls. But not Vicky!

Sorry folks, but Vicky’s secret is out… and it’s a dirty one! (cue All American Rejects: “I’ll keep you, my dirty little secret… dirty little secret)

In the investigation, a former Victoria’s Secret employee spills everything to NBC reporter Jeff Rossen including the foulest secret of all!! Tiffany Luxinger, who has worked at three different Victoria’s Secret stores, drops this stink bomb:

“If a product comes back as returned, it obviously has an odor to it. We’ll put it on a hanger. Hang it out to dry over night, so the odor has time to come out of the product. We’ll re-tag it the next day and put it back on the sales floor.”

WHat The…. What?! Shame on you Victoria’s Secret… does Tyra know about this??

But Victoria’s Secret isn’t the only guilty party. According to the investigation, all retailers involved including The Gap, Macys, Bloomingdales, J. Crew, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Express accepted the returns of used underwear. But only The Gap, Macys, Bloomingdales, Victoria’s Secret were guilty of immediate resale.

To think that the underwear I’m wearing right at this very minute might have been yours first gives me the hibbie-jibbies…. no offense! I mean, I like you… I’m just not quite ready to share underwear with you, that’s all!

Watch the report HERE for hidden-camera footage and additional info on the investigation


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