NBC’s SNL declares war on Mitt Romney by attacking his wife Ann

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NBC”s SNL, took a disgraceful shot at Ann Romney on Saturday’s “Weekend Update” segment. In a move consistent with their seemingly outright hatred of the Republican party, cast member Kate McKinnon portrayed the wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as an insane babbler who looked as if she were hopped-up on cocaine or some other illicit drug.

The late night television program, which is known for its left leaning tendencies, declared war on the Republican party last week with outright attacks on conservatives, Republicans, and Mitt Romney disguised as “comedy skits.” But these skits were more in line with internet attack ads than the traditional comedy presented by the show. This week the attacks continued with a series of political jokes in what seemed like a ratio of ten-to-one against Mitt Romney.

And then in a move that can only be considered beyond outrageous, Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was crudely mocked in a portrayal so insensitive that it makes one wonder what depths of cruelty is too much for the late night show. It seems that the tolerance and understanding that is too often preached by the left is only reserved for those with whom the left agrees. To all the others, the liberal penchant for open-mindedness seems to transform into a kind of loathing and mercilessness that is usually reserved for bullies on the playground, or totalitarian regimes.

The worst part of Saturday Night Live‘s hypocrisy is the fact that in the almost four seasons that have accrued since her husband began his leftist assault on America, Michelle Obama has never once been raked over the coals the way they did to Ann Romney. And even when they do play the occasional joke with President Obama as the subject, it is always a carefully crafted gag which actually praises him.

Those at Saturday Night Live should be careful when ridiculing the majority of Americans and remember that conservative Americans are beginning to strike back against those who would viciously attack them. For years the right has been forced to take the repeated attacks, misrepresentations, distortions, and outright lies propagated by the ever-increasing socialist leaning liberals in America.

And since the media is dominated by these un-American, European-style socialists who dream of stealing everything from the rich and giving a small part to the poor, while keeping the majority for themselves, the media is becoming the target for anger of real Americans. This means Saturday Night Live as well. They should not be allowed to act as an unofficial media arm of the Obama re-election committee under the guise of a comedy program. If they act as a political organization, they should be forced to live by the rules of every other political organization.

When the Republicans sweep into victory in November, with Mitt Romney elected president and the Republicans taking control of both houses of Congress, perhaps they can conduct an investigation into the actions of this so-called “comedy program.” As a famous Democrat once said, “numbers don’t lie,” and the sheer numbers of attacks disguised as jokes aimed a Mitt Romney will tell the tale of a once funny television program that has been corrupted by politics. It would be nice to see, in the full light of day, the actual connections between those on Saturday Night Live and the various liberal “fronts” which act as conduits for the Democrats. If one day a real investigation were to be conducted into the connections between SNL and the Democrat party, it may turn out to be quite a surprise to see how much politics has entered into the realm of comedy television.

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