NCAA Tournament Bracket 2011 Spoof Includes Charlie Sheen on ‘SNL’ (Video)

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The NCAA Basketball tournament bracket for 2011 was spoofed this past weekend on “Saturday Night Live.” The popular comedy show made reference to “Actual Madness” and ranked a variety of actors, politicians and world leaders in fake brackets.  Charlie Sheen was among the #1 seeds in this tournament of crazy people.

According to Sports Grid, on the eve of Selection Sunday 2011, “SNL” had no problem making up their own brackets with Jason Sudeikis and Kenan Thompson portraying Jim Nantz and Greg Gumbel, respectively.  The mock selection show hosts revealed the brackets for “Actual Madness” to determine the craziest person in the world.  They started with the #1 seed Muammar Gaddafi in the North Africa region.  Fred Armisen played the role of Gaddafi and discussed how happy he was to get the #1 seed.

Other brackets included Keith Olbermann and #1 seed Glenn Beck.  The Hollywood division includes Melissa Leo and Courtney Love.  However, the #1 seed goes to Charlie Sheen.  Nicholas Cage is the #3 seed who Nantz says not to count out.  Gumbel suggests #2 seed Mel Gibson is also one to watch for.  Andy Samberg also pops up in the spoof as an animated version of Dick Vitale.

This is a funny take on the NCAA Men’s tournament, whether you’re a basketball fan or not.  Sudeikis and The Gadaffi, Sheen and Melissa Leo are pretty good too.  Check out the hilarious “SNL” spoof of the NCAA Tournament Bracket 2011 below!

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