‘NCIS’ ‘Extreme Prejudice’ Recap: No One Goes After Gibbs’ Family

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NCIS season 10 premieres with “Extreme Prejudice.” It picks up May 15 with Ducky in the hospital and Jimmy at his bedside. He hasn’t been able to reach anyone. That’s because the Navy Yard is a wreck after the bomb. EMTs are looking after the injured and those outside the building, including Abby. Vance is focused on the fact that it was his car the bomb was in. Jarvis joins them to get an update. There have been “enough” casualties and damage. Gibbs is going to find his team. It’s going to be a multi-agency hunt. As Jarvis says, “Nobody does this to the United States Navy.”

Tony and Ziva are stuck in the elevator, which slips, leading to a moment between the two (“I thought the earth moved”) that’s interrupted by a call from Ziva’s father checking in and offering his help with Dearing. Ziva reassures her father they’re fine, and Tony says his father should be calling soon. Gibbs finds McGee in the bullpen, and though he says he’s okay, Gibbs spots glass in his side. “Uh-oh.”

Though Ducky wants to get back to help, he can’t. However, he insists Jimmy go: “They need you more.” After Gibbs gives an update on Ducky (he’s stable), Jarvis tells them the President has said to proceed with extreme prejudice when it comes to Dearing. Tony and Ziva have been stuck for hours, and the conversation moves on to those they wouldn’t want to be stuck with—until Ziva points out one of those people could be dead. Fortunately, they’re rescued soon after that.

Gibbs has checked in with Jackson, but he’s not his own family. The Navy Yard is his home too. “He hurt my family,” he tells Fornell, wondering if Dearing could be done. Speaking of Dearing, Lorraine invites him to go somewhere with her, and once in the room, he excuses himself to the bathroom. She takes her gun from the bedspread and lets in other FBI agents. They fire on the bathroom, but it’s empty—except for a bomb. Dearing is responsible for another explosion that has left agents dead.

Gibbs plans to keep playing with Dearing, and his latest move is a news report that his wife was arrested in connection to the bombing. In reality, she’s under federal protection. Gibbs is sure Dearing won’t blow up something else because he did what he set out to. Vance again mentions that the bomb was in his car (“It’s my job to know”), but Gibbs tells him he’s doing what Dearing wants: questioning himself.

After Ziva tells her McGee’s out of the hospital, Abby tells her she can’t see “good” anymore. She’s worried Dearing isn’t done and tells Ziva “Kick his ass.” Gibbs joins Vance and McGee (back at work, at the computers) in MTAC when Dearing makes contact. He knows Gibbs is playing games and says he doesn’t give people enough credit. Dearing warns him that there’s no better player than a man with nothing to lose. McGee gets a trace, and Jarvis sends out a SWAT team, but when they get there, the car explodes. It looks like Dearing took himself out, but they need remains for confirmation.

Gibbs congratulates Jimmy as he, Vance, and Fornell join him in autopsy, and it takes Jimmy a moment to remember he got married. Abby gets the DNA results: a 50 percent match, closer than expected due to the state of the remains. Gibbs doesn’t seem convinced, made clear when Ducky arrives back on the Navy Yard on July 10 and realizes he’s not just there for a social call.

McGee reassures Penny he’s fine, but refuses to call his father (they only talk when it’s absolutely necessary). Jimmy points out that he at least has his wife to talk to about it. Harper’s sister-in-law shows up, interrupting the conversation, and Gibbs tells her he’s tying up loose ends. Joanne tells him her husband, Harper’s brother, died four months ago, and while the obituary doesn’t mention the burial site, she tells him of a family plot. Harper had access to his remains.

When Ducky looks over the remains, he notices signs of CPR and a heart attack. This is Harper’s brother (unsurprisingly). The search for Dearing begins again, with Ziva calling Fornell, McGee trying to track him, and Tony looking into Joanne. She received $250,000 and calls from a disposable phone. She’s looking guilty. Once she’s brought back in, she easily cracks under pressure from Gibbs. Harper supported her family, and she found him in her home holding Evan’s flag after he was reported dead. She hadn’t known at the time that he faked his death and needed the money.

Dearing’s not at his cabin, but it’s clearly where he planned everything. He’s letting them know he’s finished. Later, Vance finds Gibbs measuring his basement for something. Gibbs lets Vance in on his plan: He goes alone. Dearing knows what he did and what has to happen, and he’s waiting at the house where he and Victoria raised Evan. Ziva calls him “stubborn” for going alone. Gibbs asks his team, “What’s a four-letter word for surviving a terrorist attack?” It’s luck, and he tells them to watch out for each other.

Gibbs finds Dearing at the house, and after his attempt to make coffee fails, he offers him something stronger. He was hoping Gibbs would figure it out since he knows he has similar feelings for Kelly’s home. Dearing says they’re a lot alike and both did what they had to. He knows Gibbs has a job to do, and when he turns with a gun in hand, Gibbs stabs him.

On September 25, Gibbs stops at the plaque for May 15 (“A Day of Loss. A Day of Sorrow. A Day to Remember and Vow This Will Never Happen Again.”) before he watches his team on the Navy Yard.

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