‘NCIS’ is Guest Star Heaven But Fans Want Jamie Lee Back

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Any way you slice it, NCIS is one of the best shows on television today. It has an outstanding cast, wonderful writers and silver fox, Mark Harmon, at the helm. The show also manages to pull in a lot of big name guest stars.

However, its return to the small screen this fall lacked just a hint of luster. That’s because Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t re-appear; a fact fans are already lamenting. The word is that the door remains open for Tony Curtis’ daughter to make a return visit in the future. Sadly, there are no immediate plans for that to happen.

That’s too bad because Jamie Lee and Mark have wonderful chemistry together. There was also something uncannily sexy about those two silver heads coming together in the lip area. For that reason, the powers that be might want to consider a sooner than later return match between Curtis and Harmon. Tony did bring her name up to Gibbs.

In the meantime, NCIS will no doubt continue bringing on fabulous guest stars. They’ve already managed to nab Robert Wagner, who plays a recurring role as Tony’s father. They even got Gena Rowlands to play with them, as Gibbs’ ex-mother-in-law. Lily Tomlin also appeared as McGee’s wacky grandmother.

Of course no one wants the show to take the focus off the main cast. They’re just too good. Still, it’s fun to see what the producers come up with when guest stars appear. It’s always first-rate. Hopefully, that will never change.

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