‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 4 Premiere ‘Endgame’ Preview: Callen and Hetty in Trouble

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NCIS: Los Angeles returns on September 25 with its season 4 premiere, “Endgame,” which will see the aftermath of Callen shooting the Chameleon and Hetty living the retired life. Will the team be back together by the end of episode 401?

NCIS: LA Season 4 Episode 1 “Endgame” Promo

“Following Callen’s public shooting of the Chameleon on last season’s finale cliffhanger, all is not well with the NCIS: LA team, as Callen is placed on suspension and Hetty adjusts to retired life.”

NCIS Los AngelesIt’s not going to be so easy for NCIS: LA to just get back to normal after the season 3 finale. How long will it be before everything’s how it should be? Callen can’t just return to his job so fast and will be on suspension, and Hetty’s going to be giving retirement a try. But is there more at stake? It sure sounds like it in the new preview clip that has been released.

The NCIS: Los Angeles season 4 episode 1 promo for the premiere “Endgame” (below) shows Granger telling Callen that they could be shut down. So it sounds like they may have to prove themselves. Obviously they won’t be shut down—there wouldn’t be a show—but this could end up complicating things, especially with everything else going on.

Meanwhile, Callen’s going to be in trouble, but he’s still going to have it in him to warn them to stay away from Hetty. However, things aren’t looking good for her. What do his captors want with him? Will he tell them what they know? It sounds like he’s going to have something to say when he tells one of them “Tell him to wait,” after the captor says “kill her” to someone on the phone.

What do you think of the NCIS: Los Angeles season 4 episode 1 preview of the premiere, “Endgame”?

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