‘NCIS’ Season 10 Episode 20 Sneak Peek: Borderline Stalking

NCIS season 10 returns to the matter of Ziva’s father’s death in this week’s episode 20, “Chasing Ghosts,” and a sneak peek has now been released showing that Tony’s noticed his teammate’s odd behavior lately.

In “Chasing Ghosts,” the NCIS team is going to have their hands full, between a case and Ziva’s possible plan. Case-wise, a Navy reservist turns to them for help finding her husband when she comes home to find him missing and the living room covered in blood, which cannot be a good sign. And as for Ziva, Tony’s going to be the one noticing her suspicious behavior and wondering if she’s planning something risky to avenge her father’s death.

In the NCIS season 10 episode 20 sneak peek, Tony talks to McGee about the changes he’s noticed in their teammate lately: personal calls to Shmiel, eating Thai and drinking beer at lunch, etc. He’s sure something’s going on and that his “borderline stalking,” as McGee calls it, is warranted. After all, Bodnar’s still out there. And really, McGee, do you really think that the fact that it’s now a CIA matter is going to keep Ziva from investigating? When Ziva does join them—a few minutes late—Tony doesn’t have much time to question her before Gibbs joins them with the case. But as Gibbs finds out from Vance as the team’s heading for the elevator, Homeland has noticed what Ziva’s up to. It’s not just Tony who’s noticing her suspicious behavior.

What do you think of the NCIS season 10 episode 20 sneak peek from “Chasing Ghosts”?

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