‘NCIS’ Season 10 Episode 21 ‘Berlin’ Preview: The Hunt for Bodnar Is On

NCIS season 10 is sending Tony and Ziva on a little trip in episode 21, “Berlin”—if you could define “little trip” as hunting down the man responsible for her father’s and Vance’s wife’s deaths.

At the end of the last new episode, “Chasing Ghosts,” it was revealed that Ilan Bodnar was last seen in Rome, and Ziva and McGee had been working together to try to track him down. Gibbs of course knew (this is Gibbs, after all), and he told her to take Tony and go, with Vance giving her the nod. And in “Berlin,” the team is going to be split. While those back home investigate the murder of a Mossad officer in Virginia, Tony and Ziva head to Berlin to try to track down Bodnar.

The NCIS season 10 episode 21 promo shows the hunt for Bodnar, and Ziva’s getting a piece of advice from the last person she wants it from. But what is this trip going to mean for Tony and Ziva personally? They’re shown lying in bed in the hotel room and dancing close.

Fortunately, with the hunt for Bodnar on, the remaining four episodes of the season will be airing without interruption. What do you think of the NCIS season 10 episode 21 preview of “Berlin”?

Photo: Brian Bowen Smith/CBS

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