‘NCIS’ Season 10 Premiere ‘Extreme Prejudice’ Sneak Peek: Gibbs Has a Plan

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NCISseason 10 premieres on Tuesday with episode 1, “Extreme Prejudice,” which sees the aftermath of the explosion on the Navy Yard. The sneak peek that is out shows just that.

Season 10 Episode 1 “Extreme Prejudice” Clip

Harper Dearing may have struck the agency right where it hurts—at headquarters—but they are far from being down and out. Instead, he’s going to learn just what happens when you go after the Navy and those Gibbs cares about. First, they do have to regroup and evaluate what has happened, and the beginning of that can be seen in the latest preview released.

The NCIS season 10 premiere clip from episode 1 “Extreme Prejudice” (below) shows the Navy Yard after the explosion. The injured are being tended to, the dead being covered. Gibbs sees Abby being looked over by an EMT before Vance finds him. The Director is fine, but he does say, “It was my car.” That’s enough to shake anyone, let alone someone who has been in the explosion and sees the aftermath of what it has done to his agency.

The Secretary of the Navy, Jarvis, joins them and asks how many casualties they’ve suffered. “Enough,” Vance reports. The President has been updated on the situation, and now it’s time to move forward with a plan of action. Gibbs has one: “The plan is I find the rest of my team.” Would you expect anything else from him? Tony and Ziva were in the elevator and McGee in the bullpen when the bomb went off. They’re going to have the help of other agencies, and they’re not going to stop until the find Harper Dearing. Dearing chose the wrong people to go after: “Nobody does this to the United States Navy.”

What do you think of the NCIS season 10 episode 1 sneak peek from the premiere “Extreme Prejudice”?

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