‘NCIS’ Season 10 Premiere Spoilers: The Hunt for Harper Dearing Crosses Agencies

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It’s been a long summer after the way NCIS ended its ninth season. A bomb went off in Vance’s car outside NCIS headquarters, and Ducky suffered a heart attack moments after getting the call. With the entire cast returning, no one will be dead, but it’s almost time to see how they deal with the aftermath.

NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 “Extreme Prejudice” Official Description

“Harper Dearing’s latest act of terrorism ripped through NCIS headquarters in last season’s cliffhanger finale, sparking a cross-agency manhunt for the criminal mastermind.”

The recurring guest stars of this episode are ones to note: Matt Craven as Secretary of the Navy Jarvis, Joe Spano as Fornell, (of course) Richard Schiff as Dearing, and Michael Nouri as Mossad’s Eli David. Yes, Fornell will be back as will Ziva’s father. Considering what Dearing has done and shown he’s capable of doing, they’re going to need all the help they can get, so it’s no surprise that other agencies are going to be joining in on the hunt. After all, he attacked a government agency. NCIS will have all the resources they need to find him, and Gibbs is not going to stop until he’s caught when NCIS season 10 begins.

It’s always good to see Fornell show up, and when better than right away when the CBS drama is entering its 10th season? Will Eli be perhaps calling in with some news that could help them find Dearing in addition to checking in on his daughter after hearing about the explosion? It doesn’t seem like it can end any other way but Gibbs being the one to bring Dearing in, but will he be brought in alive or in a body bag?

Meanwhile, looking at the guest cast, there’s a doctor and a nurse; are they perhaps for Ducky, who will be recovering from his heart attack? They could also be for any agents injured in the blast. While none of the team is going to die, some lives could be lost and some agents could be seriously injured and in need of medical care.

This is gearing up to be an exciting season premiere after the way season 9 ended. It’s looking like NCIS is just going to keep getting better, and fans should look forward to season 10. As long as it still has everything that makes it so good and successful, there’s no reason to think this show will be ending anytime soon.

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