‘NCIS’ Season 10 Preview: A Day of Sorrow and a Vow (Video)

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Last season of NCIS ended with a bomb going off, leaving multiple lives in jeopardy, Ducky suffering a heart attack, and the future very uncertain. While everyone will survive (they’re all signed on for season 10), they’re not going to come out of this unscathed.

Season 10 Promo

The agency has been rocked by Harper Dearing’s bomb, but that’s likely going to be the last move he makes, with Gibbs after him. There’s a new teaser out, along with a quick sneak peek of Ducky after his heart attack. Set to Matt Corby’s “Made of Stone,” this is the perfect preview to get fans excited for the new season.

The new NCIS season 10 teaser (below) begins with a look at Ducky in the hospital and asking about the others. However, Palmer tells him, “I haven’t been able to reach them.” Uh-oh. The premiere promo for “Extreme Prejudice” shows the aftermath of the bomb at headquarters. While some, like Gibbs and Abby are outside, others, like Tony and Ziva in the elevator, are trapped inside. They’re trying to get out, but with the elevator shifting, will they need to wait for outside help? Could this be the season of “Tiva”? Fans can point to Tony’s “I felt the earth move” and their closeness as potential for something possibly happening—or at least perhaps a discussion about what may be between them while they wait for rescue.

This explosion has not just rocked the Navy Yard, it’s shaken the survivors. Abby just sees “pain and destruction” and wants that to change. How long will it take for that to happen? It’s not going to be easy to get back to normal after this. However, they should be able to rest easy because there is no way that Dearing isn’t going to be taken down in this episode with Gibbs on his trail. First, he gets pretty angry in interrogation, and as he says later in the promo, “This isn’t about bombs in ships anymore. He hurt my family.” Dearing messed with the wrong person. Will Dearing come out of this alive, or will they be bringing him in in a body bag?

The season 10 teaser offers a look at almost all of the team and Secretary of the Navy Jarvis. It doesn’t show you what happened to McGee, who was leaving the bullpen after finishing up on the computer when the bomb went off. Sean Murray is signed on for the season, so there’s really no reason to be concerned, but will he be trapped inside or will he be one of the ones outside waiting to hear about the others?

What do you think of the first NCIS season 10 preview?

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