‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: A Possible Return for Dr. Ryan, Questions About Her Ex-Husband

The NCIS season 9 finale ended with nearly all their lives in danger and Dr. Ryan leaving, all because of things that Harper Dearing did. Will Jamie Lee Curtis be back for the show’s tenth season?

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<em>NCIS</em> on CBS.Dearing proved just how much he could do in the finale to any of them. There was that bomb in Vance’s car that led to fans left wondering all summer if anyone in the building when it went off will die. Then there’s what drove Dr. Ryan to leave: her ex-husband was no longer locked up where he should be. So will she be back?

That’s what Entertainment Weekly asked executive producer Gary Glasberg, and he said, ” The opportunity is still there — the chance is still there. We’ll have to see. Story-wise, the mystery of her ex-husband being released from prison is still out there, and it’s certainly something we could pick up again.” That’s not going to happen anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean NCIS season 10 couldn’t bring her back at some point. After all, she didn’t say much about what her ex-husband did to land himself in prison, just that he hurt people. That’s something that they should definitely explore at some point in the future. With the series showing no sign of slowing down and just getting better and more successful, they’ll certainly have time to do just that.

Dr. Ryan left to keep her son safe, and that meant the end of her relationship with Gibbs. It had been nice to see Gibbs in a relationship again and happy. He hasn’t exactly had much luck in that department, and earlier in the season, the series reminded you of what he lost (Shannon and Kelly). Gibbs is a man who does deserve some happiness after everything, but it looks like that just wasn’t meant to be with Dr. Ryan.

Do you want to see Jamie Lee Curtis return in NCIS season 10?

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