‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: ‘An Unexpected Twist’ for McGee Post-Explosion

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NCIS season 9 ended in dramatic fashion, leaving the team in very real, very serious danger after the bomb in Vance’s car went off right outside headquarters. Everyone hit the floor, and while the actors are all signed on for the season, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily going to be an easy recovery.

Season 10 Spoilers

According to Entertainment Weekly, “there’s an unexpected twist in [McGee’s] post-blast outcome. A scary twist.” As the seconds ticked down to the bomb going off, McGee had insisted on finishing up at his computer while Vance told him to get out of the building. He was heading towards the stairs at the moment of the explosion, leaving him close to the windows. Like everyone else in the building, he went down. While Gibbs was with Abby and Tony with Ziva, McGee was alone. What will the premiere hold for him?

Could the first episode of NCIS season 10 show McGee trapped and a rescue team working to get to him? Gibbs and Abby have been shown outside on the Navy Yard, and it’s already been revealed that Tony and Ziva are going to have some time to chat while stuck in the elevator, but what about McGee? Is it possible he could be the most seriously injured of the group? The other four, while they have minor injuries, don’t look too bad in the promos and photos released. Nothing has been shown of McGee in season 10. That’s certainly cause to worry, even though you know he’s going to be around and they’ll be exploring more about his character. Ducky’s going to be in a hospital after his heart attack on the beach; will McGee need more medical care than he can get by EMTs and also be in a hospital bed at some point in the premiere? Whatever happens, “a scary twist” can’t mean anything good.

What do you think of the latest NCIS season 10 spoilers?

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