‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: Characters’ Fates Revealed After the Explosion?

NCIS season 9 ended with quite the cliffhanger: a bomb going off right outside HQ and most of the characters hitting the floor (not to mention Ducky’s heart attack). The future is uncertain for many of the team, but do some new spoilers reveal characters who will definitely be alive in season 10?

Season 10 Spoilers

<em>NCIS</em> on CBS.For a quick recap, Cole was in the car when the bomb went off (so he was a goner), but the team was in the building. McGee was in the bullpen, Tony and Ziva in the elevator, and Gibbs had just reached Abby when they felt the effect of the explosion. While David McCallum had signed on for two more years before the finale aired, there are still three cast members who have yet to do so: Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, and Sean Murray. The show wouldn’t be the same without any of them, but possible NCIS season 10 spoilers may reveal the fate of two of their characters.

According to TVLine, Gary Glasberg has said, “I can tell you that we are far from done with Abby’s brother. That’s something we will definitely be touching on in Season 10.” So that seems like good news for Abby (it also helps that she was with Gibbs at the time of the blast, and of course there’s no way they’re killing him off; he had just reached her in those final moments). The series exploring Abby’s family was something that was good to see happen after all these years; she has been with them since before the pilot episode (going back to the JAG ones), and it’s always good to see more revealed about the characters who have been around since the beginning. Abby discovering that she was adopted was a pretty big deal, and because it wasn’t explored more in season 9, it’s not surprising they’ll be doing so in season 10. That could always (hopefully) lead to an Abby flashback episode to see how she joined the team.

Meanwhile, Glasberg only said that exploring “McGee’s never-seen, estranged father” is something they “may very well…revisit.” Of course with how season 9 ended, you can’t help but worry that means they won’t have the opportunity to explore it because McGee won’t be around, but it seems more likely that it’s just not something they have planned right now for season 10.

What do you think of the latest NCIS season 10 spoilers?

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