‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: Ducky After His Heart Attack

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NCIS‘ ninth season may have ended with a bomb going off right outside in the Navy Yard, but it also ended with Ducky having a heart attack, something that is going to have long-lasting effects. So what comes next for the lovable medical examiner?

Season 10 Spoilers

According to TV Guide, executive producer Gary Glasberg has teased that Palmer “really has to take over the reins” while Ducky’s recovering. Ducky will be returning to work of course (it would never be the same without him), so what will that mean when it happens? Glasberg explains that while “they work so brilliantly together as a team,” it may not be so easy to get back to where things used to be before: “Palmer is assuming a certain role. Inherently, there are moments [of conflict]. There’s a great episode down the road when Ducky has to rediscover his mojo.”

That sounds like it should be a fun NCIS season 10 episode, but how will Ducky be changed by this heart attack? Will part of getting his “mojo” back include bringing in his anecdotes to certain situations? It’s likely that when Ducky does get back to work, he’s going to have to start off slow. Perhaps Palmer continues to be the one in charge in the field, while Ducky’s waiting back to do the autopsy for a bit. Ducky’s going to have to be proud of how far Palmer has come from the beginning. He can handle being the one in charge, and it’s not crazy to think of him one day having his own assistant. However, that’s still something in the future, because for now, Ducky can certainly still do the job (and there’s no way anyone can doubt that) and it would be a shame to not see Ducky and Palmer working together.

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